Does Tivoli Audio ship overseas?

Tivoli Audio does not ship any of our items directly overseas. For international purchases, please visit your region's website or contact your local authorized Tivoli Audio distributor. You can find your local distributor in the international section of our website.

If I purchase an American Tivoli Audio product, can I use it overseas?

We do not recommend doing so for a number of reasons. Our radios are designed with regional safety and technical specifications in mind. We especially recommend against using third-party voltage adapters as they have been known to damage our radios. As such, we cannot honor American warranties once a product is taken overseas. The best option is to contact your local authorized Tivoli Audio distributor for local purchasing information. You can find your local distributor in the dealers section of our website.

What is my credit card's security code and where can I find it?

The security code is a security feature of Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards. By including it with your order, you help protect your account from fraud and provide one more way of being sure your order is legitimate.

For Visa, MasterCard & Discover customers, the security code is the 3-digit number located on the back of your credit card, usually at the top of the signature strip. For American Express customers, look for the 4-digit number printed on the front of your card. Depending on which card you have, the number should be located in small type above your credit card's main number.

How long is the factory warranty valid?

Tivoli Audio products carry a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Please consult the dealer from which you purchased this product for warranty service or repair.

How do I return a radio to you?

If you would like to return a radio to us (i.e. repair, replacement, or refund), you must first contact Tivoli Audio for an authorization number and instructions. Feel free to call us 1.866.848.6544. M-F 9AM-5PM.

Warning: Please note that if you send a unit back to us without first receiving an authorization number, Tivoli Audio takes no responsibility for any items that may have been lost or damaged. All accessories originally included with your Tivoli Audio product must be returned to avoid fees for replacement accessories not included with your return.

What is Tivoli Audio's return policy?

When purchased direct, a customer has 30 days to return a radio for a refund for any reason. However, you must first contact us for return authorization. All returns without an RMA number attached will be returned to sender. 

How should I care for the wood cabinet?

Regular dusting should suffice. If you must use a wax, a liquid polish is best only if used sparingly. Spray-on waxes are not recommended. Please keep in mind that the cabinet is real wood so it will darken over time.

Will placement of Tivoli Audio radios affect the sound?

Yes. Placing your radio in a cabinet, bookcase, near walls/counters or other hard surfaces will artificially inflate the bass. Some users have reported that placing several layers of tissue beneath the port reduces bass. Placement can also affect reception.

Which of your radios will give me the best reception?

Most of our table radios use the same analog tuner, so there will be little difference between them. All models offer excellent reception. Your choice really comes down to what features you require.

What type of headphones can I use?

All stereo headphones can be used with all of our radios; they use the standard 1/8 inch, (3.5mm), connector. If you are using headphones with the Model One radio you should use stereo headphones, as a monaural ear piece will not work. 

You can check if your headphones are stereo by the number of blue rings around the tip; two rings indicates stereo. Headphones rated at 32 ohms will work best with our radios.

What is DAB?

Digital Audio Broadcasting, (DAB) is found in many Asian and European countries. It is similar to HD radio in the USA, but DAB is not broadcast in the USA.

On certain stations the radio station frequency doesn't precisely match the position of the analog tuning knob. Is this normal?

Yes. Each of our analog Model One, Two, Three and PAL's tuner is hand calibrated at the factory, but due to the nature of the analog dial, some variation is normal.

Can I use my radio in the bathroom?

The PAL, SongBook and Music System Three are weather resistant, not waterproof, so are suitable for use in a bathroom. (They are NOT shower radios however.) Our wood cabinets and drivers can be affected by moisture over time and so should not be used in a bathroom for extended periods.

Can I add speakers to my Tivoli Audio Radio?

Yes, but only the self-amplified, stereo type can be used in conjunction with the radio's headphone output. (These are often referred to as "Multi-media" speakers.)

Can I connect a turntable to my Tivoli Audio radio?

Yes. However, in order to convert the low-volume and equalized phono level into the standard-volume line level, you will need a phono preamplifier. Phono preamplifiers are available at most electronics stores.

I'm pleased with the reception, but is there anything I can do to improve it?

The supplied FM antenna, though basic, should provide better reception in cases where the internal antenna does not suffice. Remember to change the rear antenna switch from internal to external when using an external antenna. 

For optimal performance, place the radio and/or antenna near a window or outside wall. For optimal AM reception, try a wireless AM antenna from Radio Shack or Terk. Make sure the power cord and antenna are not bundled together or near each other.

Your radios use cell phone technology. How does that work?

Our radios utilize a Gallium Arsenide Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (GaAs MES-FET). Gallium is a byproduct of smelting metals, chiefly aluminum and zinc, and is actually rarer than gold. Gallium Arsenide is a superior alternative to Silicon for producing solid state chips. 

This transistor is better at handling multiple strong signals than integrated circuits or bipolar transistors (used in most other radios). The Model One was the first radio to use this technology in an FM tuner. 

Please note that almost all electronic devices, including cellular telephones, emit some degree of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), but there have been no scientific-based studies proving this poses a health hazard.

Why don't you publish factory specifications for the Tivoli Audio radios?

Specifications alone are not a measure of how an audio product sounds. The best way to determine whether or not you like the sound of our radios, and whether they receive the stations you enjoy, is to try them. When purchased direct, you have 30 days to return the radio for a refund for any reason.

What's the difference between the radio models for the US and those made for other countries?

The power supply or internal transformer is rated for the appropriate country. For the models using a digital clock, (such as SongBook and iSongBook), the clock uses a 24 hour format rather than the 12 hour format we're used to in the U.S. For models using a digital tuner, (such as SongBook and iSongBook), the tuner de-emphasis is set for the appropriate country it's to be used in. Lastly, all models must meet whatever safety and environmental standards are required by each country.

What size are the inputs and outputs on your radios?

Our jacks are 1/8 inch (3.5mm), stereo mini in size.

I can still hear my radio through the headphones when shut off; is this normal?

The Model One, as with many current audio products, does not completely power down when shut off. There is still a trickle of power going to the unit to avoid clicking and popping when you turn the radio off and on.

How do I connect an iPod, MP3 player, or portable CD player to my Tivoli Audio radio?

You can connect an iPod, MP3 player or portable audio device to one of our radios via a 1/8 inch, (3.5mm), stereo mini to mini cable. In order to do so, you will need to connect this cable from the headphone jack on your walkman, portable MP3 or CD player to the Aux input on the radio. 

With the some older PAL and Model One models, there is no Aux switch. With these radios you'll need to physically plug the device into the "AUX" jack on the back of the radio when you want to listen to it. This will cut the signal from the tuner to the speaker and let you play your connected device, regardless of the band to which your radio is set. To listen to the radio again, you'll need to disconnect the device from the back of the unit.

You can also wirelessly stream from a Bluetooth enabled device. See more information in the Bluetooth category.

How can I make my own adjustments or modifications?

Our radios are not user serviceable; please be aware that modifying your radio beyond its original design will void your warranty as well as change the performance of the unit beyond the original design. 

In addition, due to our liberal warranty policy, we do not sell service manuals. If we cannot repair the unit we will replace it if it was purchased from us or any authorized Tivoli Audio dealer. 

Should you be experiencing any problems with your radio, please call us during the work week 9-5 EST.

How can I improve my reception?

First, a word about AM, FM, and reception: Although FM stereo provides higher fidelity than AM, its signal has a shorter range and is susceptible to multipath. 

Multipath occurs when an FM signal is reflected off nearby structures. These reflections create multiple signals which arrive at your radio at slightly different times. This results in hiss, noise, and in some cases, a reduction of the overall signal strength. Multipath is caused by buildings, hills, bridges and anything else that may obstruct the FM signal from reaching your radio. 

AM uses a simple, mono, long-range signal, but it suffers from poor fidelity, static, and is susceptible to inclement weather. Some AM stations may come in clearer at night when their signals bounce off the earth's ionosphere and travel long distances. Other AM stations received during the day time may not be received at all at night because the Federal Communications Commission requires many AM stations to operate at reduced power at night or cease broadcasting all together so as not to interfere with other AM stations' signals. 

For improved AM reception, we recommend an indoor wireless AM antenna such as Terk's AM Advantage. This antenna typically gets the best results with our radios. 

If a more powerful antenna is necessary, try an FM dipole antenna or amplified indoor antenna such as the Jensen FM25. 

The best FM reception is often obtained with an outdoor antenna specifically designed for FM (GAM, WINEGARD). 

Splitting your cable TV wire and connecting it to the rear external antenna jack on your radio may not automatically improve reception. Most cable companies require you to call them to activate this service and some charge a monthly fee. 

Please note that even the most sensitive tuners cannot receive a signal that isn't there. If you're attempting to receive a station's signal that doesn't reach your listening area, no tuner or antenna will help.

Do you recommend a power strip?

A power strip with surge protection is a wise investment as power surges are not covered by our factory warranty. Power strips with noise filtration may also help filter out interference from other household electronic products.

Can I run my Tivoli Audio products off of a 12V Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

Yes. Just make sure that you connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to the correct terminals on your Tivoli Audio product. Appropriate connectors are available at electronics parts stores. All Tivoli Audio products with a 12 Volt DC input use the center pin for the positive connection from your battery.

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