Model 10 ™+ FM/DAB/DAB+ Digital Radio

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Smaller Size, Bigger Sound.

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Tivoli Audio® has created the smallest and best performing DAB, DAB+ and DMB compatible table radio it has ever produced in its 10 years of design and development. Not since the introduction of the Model One has a radio delivered such great reception and high fidelity sound, allowing you to take full advantage of the superior sound and multitude of stations DAB has to offer.

The Model 10+ features award winning Tivoli Audio circuitry that combines a state-of-the-art digital tuner and clock with a 3" full range driver that produces rich and detailed room-filling sound. An adjustable EQ perfects the levels to individual preference with controls for treble, bass, loudness and balance. In addition, the beautifully styled, real furniture grade wood cabinet is ported for enhanced bass.

Basic functions are easily accessed from a single top-mounted rotary control or get full control with the convenient remote. The interface is intuitive and it is quick and easy to navigate through the functions and options. The large backlit LCD and menu screen are designed with exceptional visibility in mind and users can adjust the light intensity to their preference. The digital clock has two independent alarms that will wake to either music or tone and features a sleep timer and snooze control.

The Model 10+ is also versatile and expandable. An auxiliary input is included for a CD player, iPhone/iPod or other MP3 player as well as a mix audio input and record, headphone, and subwoofer outputs. Adding the optional matching stereo speaker turns the stand-alone unit into a full stereo system.


20,2 cm H x 11,7 cm W x 11,7 cm D


2.77 kg


  • Compact footprint
  • Real furniture-grade wood ported cabinet
  • 3" full range, long-throw driver
  • Large, high visibility LCD clock and menu screen with adjustable backlight
  • FM RDS text information
  • Remote control
  • Top-mounted rotary provides simple, multi-function control
  • Five station presets
  • Dual alarm wakes to radio or tone
  • Adjustable sleep timer and snooze function
  • Real time clock maintains time during power outage
  • EQ for bass, treble, loudness, and balance
  • Meets energy conservation requirements worldwide
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Inside the box

  • Model 10 ™+ DAB/DAB+/DMB/FM Stereo System
  • User Guide (Download PDF)
  • Warranty Card
  • Remote Control (Battery Included)
  • One (1) Power Cord
  • Getting Started Card
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3 Reviews

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  • Written by Hugh

    Clean and Crisp

    "This is the cleanest and crispest sounding table radio I've ever heard - it's exactly what a discerning classical music listener like me needs. The professional quality line out to connect into a HIFI system makes it ideal for the lounge setup too."

    Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Features 5 out of 5
    Ease of Use 3 out of 5
    Audio Quality 5 out of 5
    Overall 4 out of 5
  • Written by cdc280


    Just got my model 10+, bought to give me radio access without having my Loewe TV switched on! As I already own a PAL and model 3 clock/radio, I was familiar with the brand and got a great ln line deal.
    Compared to the PAL and model 3, the 10+ is harder to get to grips with due to its wide range of menus and adjustments, but this does does include bass/treble and an option to switch off the display when in stand-by mode if used as a clock radio. Remote control is a big benefit too, in combination with presets means greater convenience, though only 5 presets is a little limiting. Buiold quality is to the usual Tivoli high standard.
    Sound quality on FM is very good and comparable to Model 3 giving a good account on both music and speech especially on live broadcasts where it leaves cheaper products behind. DAB is Ok for speech stations (like talk sport, WS etc) but suffers the usual limitations of the medium on music where FM is prefferable. I only use DAB for speech broadcasts and in this respect it is better than my previous DAB set (with treble set to -4db)
    Sound quality rating - would give it 5 for FM but 4 for DAB due to limits of the medium only. The design looks great (hence 5 stars) but ease of use gets 3 due to the compexity of the menu systems.
    Overall a good sounding radio that looks great and has the benefit of remote control and the option of stereo sound with the additional speaker (which I have on order!)

    Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

    Overall 4 out of 5
    Design 5 out of 5
    Features 4 out of 5
    Ease of Use 3 out of 5
  • Written by David

    Good value for money

    The tivoli 10+ is more expensive than some of its competitors but this is more than outweighed by the build and sound quality.

    Reasonably straight forward to setup and manage via the remote controller.

    The audio was slightly deeper than other products but good nonetheless.

    Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Features 5 out of 5
    Ease of Use 5 out of 5
    Audio Quality 4 out of 5
    Overall 5 out of 5
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4 Reviews

Senigallia 29 giugno 2013
Senigallia 29 giugno 2013
Tivoli Audio ha contribuito all'Asta pro Libera i cui proventi saranno devoluti all'Associazione di don Ciotti contro tutte le mafie,, "10 out of 10+"
"We loved the Model One and are delighted to report that the Model 10+ is very much in the same mould, with sound that has delightful clarity and naturalness, on both speech and music."
Financial Times: How To Spend It, February 2011
Financial Times: How To Spend It, February 2011
"The [Model 10+] radio is … gently innovative while preserving the company's commitment to quality in sound, design and build."
Minimaal 40 procent dekking DAB+ in 2013
Minimaal 40 procent dekking DAB+ in 2013
Digitale Radio maakt dit jaar een fikse opmars. Zowel de publieke als de commerciële radiozenders zetten de schouders onder DAB+