Tivoli Audio in the news

Model 10+ BBC Music Magazine review

"Alarm clocks don’t come much more ‘hi-fi’ than Tivoli’s Model 10+." - BBC Music Magazine August 2015

Q Magazine Reviews the MSY3+

Q, the legendary monthly music magazine, gives the Music System Three+ some terrific coverage in its latest issue. (4/4 star review)

Best for Portability - The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times selects the Tivoli Audio PAL+ BT as its ‘Best for Portability’ digital radio. The PAL+ BT also receives a four-star verdict, along with plaudits for its audio quality and signal reception strength.

Uncrate features the Music System Three

"Boasting two custom 3-inch speakers with dual bass ports, it delivers rich, full audio, while offering excellent portability..." - Uncrate

Departure Magazine's Best New Speakers 2014

"...Tivoli’s new Music System Three is perfect for a modern household, thanks to a Bluetooth connection that makes it easy to stream tunes from your phone or tablet." - Departure Magazine

A Sound Companion - Wall Street Journal

"...although its 20-hour battery life, 3.75-pound weight and integrated handle are perfect for rocking out on the go, the Music System Three also has features that make it the perfect homebody..." - Wall Street Journal

Techradar recommends the PAL+ BT

The Tivoli Audio PAL+ BT receives an excellent review on TechRadar. The review, which includes a 5/5 award for ‘design’, culminates on 4/5 overall, also gaining the title ‘Recommended’.

How to spend it features the Music System+

"A single-room solution pretty enough to fit into any interior but man enough to blow your head off with serious, refined, quality stereo." - Johnathan Margolis (financial times)

Inside ID features Albergo+ Cabinets

Inside ID, the online magazine for interior design professionals, showcases the Cabinets for the Albergo+. "The designer upgrade is seamless." - Inside ID

Hifi World 5-Globe rating for the Model One BT

"It’s a perfect '5-Globes' score for Tivoli Audio, as the latest edition of UK audiophile specialist magazine Hi-Fi World carries an outstanding review of the Model One BT"

Sleeper Magazine reports on the Albergo+

Sleeper, the magazine targeted at professionals involved in hotel design, development and architecture on an international level, reports on the Tivoli Audio Albergo+ and cabinets.

Music System Two+ in Essential Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom

"Tivoli have a great collection of stylish radios with Bluetooth." - Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom, September 2014

Business Life on the Music System+

"...handsome, reasonably compact, sounds immense, and does pretty much everything that can be done in home audio." - British Airways Business Life

Model Three BT recommended by Baltic Outlook

The Model Three BT receives a firm recommendation in the Baltic Outlook:

"A choice for audiophiles who’ve a hankering for both the modern and the retro." - Baltic Outlook magazine loves the PAL BT

Tivoli Audio let me try their brand spanking new supersonic ultraportable Tivoli Audio Pal BT speaker. And I LOVE IT.

GT reviews the Model Three BT

The Tivoli Audio Model Three BT wows readers of the latest edition of Gay Times (GT), Europe’s longest running, gay glossy lifestyle magazine.

Objects that make a house a home - NYT

“I drag this little radio around with me all day long, from studio, to kitchen, to bathroom and back to studio. I love to listen to the radio.”

'The sexiest clock radio you’ve ever seen', the online home to the world’s best selling consumer technology magazine, delivers glorious coverage to the Tivoli Audio Model Three BT.

Rupert Evans: 'I'm obsessed with digital radios'

The actor of Hellboy mentions he has a DAB radio in every room in his latest interview with the Guardian.

Solid Albergo+ sounds the part

Solid four-star rating for the Albergo+ in What Hifi's February 2014 "First tests" section.

PAL BT – 'Best Buy', Radio Listener’s Guide 2014

The Radio Listener's Guide 2014 recommends the PAL and PAL BT in its Best Buys for 2014.

Music System+ Review, Gramophone

The Music System+ receives a wonderful review in the November 2013 cover-date edition of high-end UK classical music magazine, Gramophone.

Andrew Everard reviews MusicSystem+

The Tivoli Audio Music System+ receives a terrific review from Andrew Everard, Audio Editor of Gramophone & highly esteemed UK audio reviewer

The Albergo, "Alarmingly Easy"

In the Boombox reviews the Albergo AM/FM/Bluetooth Clock Radio

PAL BT in April edition of Grand Designs

Grand Designs, the official interiors and lifestyle magazine of the Channel 4 TV programme, features our new PAL BT in its latest issue.

Hansen Family / Tivoli Audio Collaboration in T3 Magazine

The latest edition of T3 Magazine features the Hansen Family / Tivoli Audio furniture collaboration.

Shortlist recommends Model One BT

ShortList, the biggest circulating men's magazine in the UK, delivers terrific coverage to Tivoli Audio's Model One BT.

Model One BT "Gadget of the Week" in The Sun

The Tivoli Audio Model One BT is 'Gadget of the Week' in The Sun, the UK's biggest national newspaper.

BBC Music Magazine, February 2013

BBC Music Magazine, the world's best selling classical music magazine, delivers a terrific review of the Model One BT.

Fan Art: by Alex Simon

When Alex Simon didn't get his wife's Tivoli Model One in time for Christmas he had to think fast. Take a look at this amazing make your own Tivoli Audio radio he created to hold her over till the real thing arrived.

BT Models score 4,5/5 in the 2013 edition of the Radio Listener's Guide

The Tivoli Audio Model One BT and PAL BT both receiving excellent debut reviews in the Radio Listener's Guide 2013.

PAL line up featured in the 2013 edition of the Radio Listener's Guide

The Radio Listener's Guide lists the entire Tivoli Audio PAL line up in their 'Best buys for the house and garden' category.

ERT, July 2012

The Tivoli Audio Radio Silenz headphones grace the latest issue of ERT.

Sound Vision Install Magazine, July 2012

In its latest issue, top UK trade magazine Sound Vision Install (SVI) showcases the PAL+ Union Jack edition.

BBC Music Magazine, July 2012

"'It's almost impossible to work out how such a big sound can be delivered by such a compact-sized system." BBC Music Magazine delivers a terrific five star review to the Tivoli Audio RadioCombo.

Tivoli Audio Unveils PAL+ Union Jack Edition Digital Radio

The world’s favourite premium portable radio gets a limited edition Union Jack makeover, further fortifying Tivoli Audio’s special relationship with the UK

Sounds Like a Classic - Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal says the Radio Silenz is "like an Eames lounger: classic, comfortable and what will likely be a solid choice for years to come."

Tivoli Audio Introduces New Products

Video of CEO and Founder Tom DeVesto's presentation at our 2012 New York Press Event. Includes introduction of the new Radio Silenz active noise-canceling headphones, Model One BT and PAL BT Bluetooth radios, and the new Tivoli Radio App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices.

Tivoli Audio to build commemorative radio for BBC Children in Need

BBC Children in Need to work with Tivoli Audio in nationwide competition to design a radio marking BBC Today Programme's return to its original home

Esquire, April 2012

"Colour us impressed." PAL+ makes Esquire's list of 50 Things No Man Should Be Without This Spring.

Hi-Fi Choice, April 2012

"Whether connected to the mains or running on battery, the performance of the PAL+ is impressive." Hi-Choice reviews the PAL+, giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

Bloomberg Businessweek, January 2012

"Night-table equipment at its finest." The Model 10 is recommended as the alarm clock of choice for the hardworking professional.

Bust, January 2012

"White-hot, AM/FM hi-fi radio." Bust features the Frost White Model One in their seasonal gift guide.

Monocle 24, January 2012

Tom DeVesto appears on The Culture Show with Rob Bound on Monocle 24, the radio station from the premium media brand.

Financial Times: How to Spend It, January 2012

"It worked perfectly … getting full-blooded BBC Radios 1 to 5 where no other DAB set I've tried can."

Home Cinema Choice, January 2012

Home Cinema Choice features the PAL+.

T3, December 2011

"This wood-hewn radio offers sound that betters the tinny nonsense served up by lesser wakesmiths."

Hi-Fi Choice, December 2011

"Best PAL" – Hi-Choice profiles the PAL+ portable radio.

Nuts, November 2011

"Sequel to the legendary radio adds digital stations and a remote to high-end sound quality."

ERT, November 2011

ERT, the leading trade publication for electronics retailers in the UK, interviews Tivoli Audio founder and CEO Tom DeVesto.

The Quarterly, November 2011

"Few radios come much more refined than Tivoli Audio's new PAL+ … I have not received better reception on any previous digital radio."

The Independent, November 2011

"Tivoli is known for sensational audio from little boxes and this new model sounds terrific…" The PAL+ is featured in The Independent's list of top 50 gadgets at #5.

Sunday Express, November 2011

Sunday Express features the PAL+.

The Telegraph, November 2011

"PAL+ … offers something that’s genuinely innovative: DAB radio reception where you previously thought it was impossible."

Better Homes and Gardens, May 2011

"Treat yourself: High-quality sound in a stylish package." Better Homes and Gardens recommends winding down the day with a Model Three radio.

Lucky, April 2011

"Ingeniously portable (with top-notch sound quality) and in such a happy red shade." Lucky magazine features the Tivoli Audio SongBook.

Hi-Fi Choice, April 2011

"King of the airwaves … here's a small radio for the audiophile." UK mag Hi-Fi Choice gives the Model 10's EU cousin (the Model 10+) a five-star review., "10 out of 10+"

"We loved the Model One and are delighted to report that the Model 10+ is very much in the same mould, with sound that has delightful clarity and naturalness, on both speech and music."

Financial Times: How To Spend It, February 2011

"The [Model 10+] radio is … gently innovative while preserving the company's commitment to quality in sound, design and build.", February 2011

"Incredibly rich and dreamy sound quality all wrapped up in a cute little box."
Stylist and design editor Arren Williams recommends the iPAL for Valentine's Day.

DVICE, December 2010

The Connector is first on the list in this Apple-centric gift guide. "No company comes closer to matching the Apple aesthetic than Tivoli."

InStyle, December 2010

InStyle magazine features the Cappellini NetWorks Stereo System in their holiday gift guide., November 2010

"Tivoli introduces a perfect '10.'" A glowing review of the Model 10 radio from

HFN, August 2010

HFN features the Model 10 in its new product roundup.

Traditional Home, June 2010

Traditional Home features the iSongBook in their summer style guide.

Model Two is featured in GQ

The Model Two AM/FM stereo is featured in the April issue of GQ as the ideal bedroom stereo and iPod companion. The article is called "Home Front > Perfect Sleeper", by Michael Hsu.

The Wall Street Journal, October 2010

The Wall Street Journal features the Tivoli Audio Model One in an article on tech products sure to stand the test of time.

The New York Times, Mai 2010

"Waking Up to Great Sound With an Anniversary Radio" – The New York Times covers the Model 10 press announcement.

Elle Decor, October 2010

Elle Decor features the Model 10 in "What's Hot."

Mr Outre, October 2011

"Tivoli's upgraded PAL+ combines the convenience of FM and DAB reception with a super-functional design, carefully honed over the last decade. It does what all Tivoli radios do: provide loud, hifi-quality sound from a small box the height of a novella."

ShortList, October 2011

"Like a Porsche 911, it somehow manages to be simultaneously retro and futuristic." ShortList features the PAL+ portable radio with DAB/DAB+.

Model Three BT – Gadget of the Week, Mail on Sunday

The Mail on Sunday, Britain's most popular ‘quality’ weekend newspaper, showcases the Tivoli Audio Model Three BT in its hugely popular EVENT magazine supplement.

MacFormat reports on the Model One BT

The latest issue of MacFormat sees the Model One BT lead the “GADGETS' news section, with the Tivoli Audio radio claiming the ‘WE’RE MOST EXCITED ABOUT…’ full-page spot.

Hi-Fi World reviews the Tivoli Audio Model Three BT

The latest edition of Hi-Fi World sees the Tivoli Audio Model Three gain a perfect ‘five globes’ verdict, at the same time throughly impressing its reviewer, Tony Bolton.

PC Mag Review

"It's certainly the best looking clock radio I've ever seen, and it doubles as a decent Bluetooth speaker to boot." - PC Mag

PC Mag Review

"...easily one of the most stylish portable Bluetooth speakers we've seen" - PC Mag

BBC Music Magazine votes for the MSY3+

"The Tivoli gets my vote for being a do-it-all music system." - BBC Music Magazine, March 2015 edition